Wakeboard session today!

Motorsport och personporträtt

Wakeboard session today!

Non moto today! just watersport; wakeboard. And later some Segway trying out to.
Never ever tried wakeboard, not shooting or riding it by myself… So tried out that today!
So so so so surprised that I even came up and rode?!

First photo: Anders, he does it better… jumping, twisting, floating.
Second: Anton riding that board, first tryout for him too today!
Third: meee… aaand I also face planted a jellyfish so half on my face
is burning like hell, and my legs. haha so worth it!

Mint day!
More photos another day…

Time to sleep now.
Clock: 00.28 (12.28 am)
Alarm will be killing it tomorrow, good, because I love my job!

DSC_0772 DSC_0797

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