Recent 14 days in my life, damn it’s fun to live life!

Motorsport och personporträtt

Recent 14 days in my life, damn it’s fun to live life!

Since 15th july I’ve:

16: worked

17: Road tripped to Copenhagen for FOX Head Europe’s showroom-opening-party

18: On road home to Sweden

19: Shot Ricky Carmichael University. Instructors there: Ricky, Jeff Emig,

Jeff Stanton, Jamie Dobb and Brian Jørgensen. Such a cool camp for riders and for me to shoot! A lot

of known-friends-and-homies were riding from Sweden, Norway, Denmark.

20: Went to Skagen/Denmark, shot some and beach-hang out

21: Visited Fox Head Denmark in Hobro. Also visited EASYMX DK, where I also got

surprised with a Shift MX gear 2015-model. Very thankful, they look awesome!

Visited Scoob(Mathias) and his dogs at their farm! Then we went out to the coast and met up

the EASYMX DK crew with families for jetski and wakeboard. Had a blast! And it felt for a

non-trained-body the next upcoming days! ;)

Got down to Uhre banen where I moved in the campers with the crew who were traveling to

the Veteran Games(a week at Uhre Banen).

22-23: Shot practices, half-died of the heat, hang out with homies

24: Got a ride to Randers…. To Rasmus(aroc.dk) with Scoob. We went to a lake, jumped in, went

up, went shopping, threw a small BBQ with some other danish peeps. Then changed, FMX session time

to shoot. And ride pit bikes. Turned into a child, again haha!

Then it became my turn. Foam pit time. Went a while but then it where there. Thanks to everyone

around for snapping pics and filmed. And special thanks to Scoob and Rasmus! :)

Apparently… When you make a flip, it’s a celebration-party next up. And because I’m a girl.. Foam

pit were accepted. We rode back beside the fields to the mansion of Rasmus, got ready, stared up a fire. After

an hour or so we went into the city. Almost falling asleep all of us.. We walked across the street. Champagne.

Randers specialty. Then clock showed 05.20…

25: Went to Århus/Aarhus in Denmark with Scoob and Rasmus, sea-chill. Then back to Uhre with Rasmus,

checked Speed-cross. They are throwing a race with motocross bikes on the speedway track. Ordinary heats:

4 rounds/4 riders until someone wins with the best results. THAT’S really fun to watch!

26: Race day for others: photo-making-day for me. To hot outside but got some pics anyway! :)

Then after-race-dinner :)

27: travel-home-day. Sweet morning, easy trip up to the ferry. Home around midnight.

28: To ordinary work again. and also my mums bday, celebration for her :)

29: Work also today, long day! 12h. And here I am now. Smiling. What

an awesome long-trip this have been. Thanks everyone with and around for the memories! :)

Tomorrow I’m turning 22. I feel old, because I spend my time, all the

time, and it moves on so fast. Still got new goals, both with shooting

moto and having fun in life.

This weekend: shooting wakeboard-event for fun, until then; work.



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