Quick resume of latest couple of weeks!

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Quick resume of latest couple of weeks!


(stressed while writing; sorry for lessssss good english)

The latest couple of weeks have been fuuuun! Dunno where to start.

One month ago, I went home to Sweden for a shorter visit. Watched some

sidecar moto laps and a few buddies rode their club-team-races.

Back to Denmark.

21st May:

Team photoshoot for EASYMX; A3 posters in making. Sweet!

24th May: Did my first Danish Championship race in Holstebro; with my camera ofc.

The pics ended up for the EASYMX team, some local papers, for the danish magazine MOTO.

Which ofc, gave a boost! :) Happy and happier to be in Denmark now.

31st of May:

Made a roadtrip down to Copenhagen. To shoot Nitro Circus Live, for fun. Ended up with a rainy Sunday, so they had to move the show one day. Weren’t sad for that! One more extra day in Copenhagen. The danish crew and me went to the city, from Brøndby Stadium. Ended up in a fancy one restaurant… Think of snapbacks, sneakers and moto people: inside a classy nice restaurant: Yea of course we fitted in! ;) Then we found a hotel and stayed there for the night. 3-4h of sleep.

1st of June:

First one awake, went out on a lil hike in Copenhagen. Then back, took with a friend and went to a hairdresser. Spent like $90-100 for a hairwash and drying, dang how good spent they were! Gitte, the hairdresser, made my hair like newww!

Then we picked up Matty, took a lunch in town and then to the arena.. Chill day. And my shyness slowly went away for a bit. Grabbed my camera, took some pics. And got back an old-times-feeling; no rules: just shoot. And to see the guys and girls do their passions of their life, while doing mine: shoot; was pretty good. Aint much required to make life better. Just live for the moment.

Showtime. Nervous, nah. Just to not get any shots, but I did. Images were made. And got used. Both by myself, easy and Nitro Circus Live pages online. Sweet sweet. Better than getting dusty in my hard-drives!

Big thanks for Matty for all help, to get me closer to shoot what I think is fun. And for being such a relaxed nice dude :)

6-7th June:
Editing, planning and a lil relaxing while baby/dogsitting a puppy.

9th of June:

Photoshoot with Nick Kouwenberg, Mikkel Haarup and help from Rasmus Jørgensen. Whole day of shooting with no needs/no rules/nothing else than just play around with bikes/camera.

14th June:

Danish Championship in Randers, also there: like on all other places: fuuuuun.

Can’t go to far of bring wrong: with people who lives for their passions.

And here we are: today. Under all other days, I’m shooting/working on other projects. At least 9-12h per day. And I really wish for more hours on the days.

I’m off to shoot some FMX now with Rasmus Kjeldsen, like 1,5h away from home. Good way to finish this Thursday, after a long day of work. :)

Sorry not sorry but still sorry… for less updates, I’m running mostly, my instagram account and facebook. Just search for MxCarro or MxCarro.se on social medias and you’ll find them :)

Let the pics do the talk-part. Time to go :D

/ Carroooooo


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