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First time ever on a ”real” match/game.
Pretty fun, like most sports with some actions in it.

Didn’r bring my camera, even tho it would be cool to try to shoot
a new sport.. And the lights in the arena at the game; ooooohhhh how good!

Can’t wait to get back to ”normal” again after the concussion,
have been like 2,5 months now since my head got a small bleeding from
some hit/smash to it. Really wish I had a cool story to tell but.. Nah!
Anyways, it sucks to not be able to be as quick as normal while throwing
ideas and so on. Hopefully I’ll get back soon.. And it’s good it’s off the season
at the moment: so it’s ”just” the ordinary day-job.. Which is full throttle on as
always haha! Likey likey.
Til next time: check my insta; MxCarro