Månad: juli 2016

Motorsport och personporträtt

Instagram: MxCarro

For more updates than this website: Instagram: MxCarro ( http://instagram.com/mxcarro ) Facebook: http://facebook.com/mxcarro.se Sollyyyy for bad updates here, busybusy miss! :) Thanks for all support, visits and followings here! :)

Summer freeride!

Tudeloo! Some freeride at a secret location in Sweden! Enjoy!

SM veckan Norrköping: MX Sprint!

[20160713] SM Veckan Norrköping: MX Sprint SM!  


Tudeloo! Been a little updates the latest time.. Scared to fall asleep while driving, therefor: less races in the past time. A lot to do and many hours of work. Hopefully back to it soon and shoot some! :D Here’s one from today!