Månad: mars 2016

Motorsport och personporträtt

Practice: Veinge

Tudeloo! Yesterday we went down to Veinge, Halmstad. Pre-season practice, so d-mn cold haha. Saw/heard someone who said it was around 260 riders. And saw/heard someone mentioned that 110 of them went out in the middle-group; at the same time. Crazyyyy! I’ll try to get up some of the grey sky/brown-grey muddy rider photos soon..…
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Instagram: MxCarro

 Instagram: MxCarro For almost daily updates :) Older wedding pic :)   

MINI STORY: Wednesday 9th

Tudeloo! Second one for today. Dunno if it shall be both swedish posts and like this. Aaand I know I’m not the best at it when it’s stressy, messy, hurry curry. Spelling and so on.. Ooops. :) Kickin’ in some webshop work at the moment and hopefully it will be done soon. A lil side…
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MINI STORY: March, Wednesday 9th

Tudelooo! March is here. Days be like running faster than ever and it seems like everyone in Sweden wants spring now. But the snow says hello and we just keep hoping for better weather.. Been like 1,5-2weeks without even a sign from the sun more than a bit lighter clouds and then back to darkness.…
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