Månad: juli 2014

Motorsport och personporträtt

Turning 22y today, oldie now! ;)

Turning 22y today, oldie now! ;) Thanks everyone around and in my life, for pushing my days to brighter times: at home and while shooting/at work! :D

Recent 14 days in my life, damn it’s fun to live life!

Since 15th july I’ve: 16: worked 17: Road tripped to Copenhagen for FOX Head Europe’s showroom-opening-party 18: On road home to Sweden 19: Shot Ricky Carmichael University. Instructors there: Ricky, Jeff Emig, Jeff Stanton, Jamie Dobb and Brian Jørgensen. Such a cool camp for riders and for me to shoot! A lot of known-friends-and-homies were…
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Next up be like… YEAH!

TUDELOOOOOOOOO! :D Next up… New week, new opportunities – they say. Okay, let’s make it like that then! Tomorrow I’ll go to my ordinary day-job and fire up some hours by shooting some products. Then editing tmrws eve and Wednesday morn. Pack my bags for over a weeks travel in Nordic countries. Thursdag: Going to…
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Organiserad träning/trackdays/hyr mx med mxplayground 23aug

ORGANISERAD TRÄNING – TRACKDAYS – HYRCROSS – 23:E AUGUSTI MED MXPLAYGROUND.SE Passa på att kör på Tibro Motorstadion under en hel dag och få personlig feedback av vår tränare Håkan Wik. Detta är veckan innan Stombergs VGC i Tibro. Vi utlovar en grym dag väl värd pengarna. Boka via MXPLAYGROUND.SE :)


MXGP Sweden – done. >>NEXT UP: 12-13july -Semestercrossen; shoot two races. 14-16july -ordinary work 17-18july -roadtrip to Copenhagen/Denmark 19july -Shoot Ricky Carmichael University, Uddevalla/Sweden. 20-27july Going to Denmark, one week on moto life -vacation/riding! :D 2aug -hang out at breddas wakeboard event. aug: Swedish champs / wedding shoot / more moto… :D Life sucks… mhmm..…
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Liam Everts

Actually were in Uddevalla, day after the GP, to shoot try-out-riding for 2015 models of two brands.. Then Liam showed up on track to put in some practice laps! : )

Some MXGP photos from GP of Uddevalla – Sweden 2014

Here’s some pics I shot at MXGP Uddevalla!

THANKS MXGP/Youthstream for GP of Sweden 2014

A huge thanks to you for joining over to Sweden and for a great opportunity to shoot, really thankful for the chance to be there. photo: MXGP/Youthstream