Månad: januari 2014

Motorsport och personporträtt

Summer, yes please

Would be awesome right now…. Itchy in my shoot-finger! :D

Off the season, snow

Whaaaaat! View from my window…. Off the season like 5 months every year… Gaaah :D

Är en snorunge

Vaknade upp snorig, febrig, snurrig men ändå pepp, väntar på 7-8februari för Supercross i Herning – Danmark!!! :D


Toni Dahl

Show bild

Jimmy Olsson från Rackartygarna!


My office/world at Ridestore

My office/world at Ridestore. Spending Monday to Friday here, 1,5h from home (one way). Wouldn’t stand it if it wasn’t such a good job :D Will print up some canvas prints soon and dress the white boring walls. Until then I have to watch my mini fridge.

Whip it Wednesday

Whipzzzz like this are good stuff

That motocross supercross crash

That ”oh f•ck” moment…. :O